All case studies are about actual clients but are not related to quotations or videos


Although the business had built consistent top line growth, mainly by expanding geographically, profits were not growing. As the recession took its toll on customer demand, vulnerabilities in the business were exposed as cash flow suffered.


Coaching began with first understanding the growth goals and then identifying and strategically achieving the desired results. For example, once the true costs in the business were measured and understood, a number of opportunities for improvement surfaced. However, it took brutally honest, objective and relentless questioning to bring about the recognition that long neglected issues needed to be dealt with.

Implementation of a collection system brought in cash as the collection period was cut in half, even in the depths of a recession. Loss-making product lines were identified and revamped. Sales effectiveness increased as simple training and management strategies were applied. Investment initiatives that had been held for too long and failed to deliver intended returns were terminated. Finally, costs were reviewed and competitive billing on the largest direct cost components bought stronger gross margins.


The combined effect was a return to profitability, a more simple business model and the capability to expand in a profitable way. However, the most important effect was the change in mindset. It took an outsider’s point of view to bring about the awareness to see the truth and persistent accountability to overcome the resistance that had stood in the way of action.