All case studies are about actual clients but are not related to quotations or videos


The company’s CEO/owner was not acting as a leader. He was working “for the business, not on the business.” Although the business was profitable, it was not growing. There were communication issues between departments and the company had no strategic plan. They had silos, no organizational chart, no forecast/budget, no business continuity plan, no marketing strategy or sales force. The owner was good friends with many of the long-term employees and was not comfortable confronting issues effectively. One of the employees was also a family member who relied on ‘entitlements’ and was never held accountable for his performance.


After completing a five-year strategic plan, the CEO, COO and CFO began a Trilogy Partners coaching program focused on transforming the business into a professionally managed enterprise. Roles and responsibilities were established along with a clear organizational chart. The company improved its process in utilizing projections and budgets, and a systemization of business processes was underway.

The company is now fully engaged in an effective marketing program and campaign. The management team participates in and values sales activities as part of their roles and responsibilities. The firm is evaluating better methods for scheduling, labor tracking and monitoring customer satisfaction with external and internal customers. The company has installed a project management system and has streamlined the flow of work throughout the organization.


The CEO feels empowered and now acts as a leader and holds other team members accountable. The management team is fully engaged and has a passion for growing the business. The company has purchased another firm and is researching an additional acquisition. They have even expanded into a new geographic region and have increased service offerings.

The bottom line has increased tenfold in one year by empowering the management team, understanding its costs, eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies. The company has implemented job-costing systems, enhanced operations processes and installed a customer satisfaction program that has added stability and further increased the bottom line. The culture has also changed from working in silos to a team that is customer focused as well as being a positive accountable company. The top management team continues to drive the business and the future never looked brighter. The owner monitors the business with a dashboard and is now able to pursue his own passions.