Trilogy Partners Founded in 2009

While working with many small and medium sized companies in the New York City and Philadelphia metro areas, Trilogy founder Hal Levenson saw the frustration of CEOs struggling to align their business objectives with their personal aspirations. He recognized that no one was really walking alongside the CEO and management team to help align the fundamental disciplines of the business with the human dynamics needed to carry them out. More importantly, he saw the impact this was having on growth.

But what really inspired Hal was the idea that everyone seemed stuck. They were working exceptionally hard to stay in place, to grow slightly, to beat a competitor or just keep up with technology.

Hal sees change as the courage and willingness to make a move that may challenge a fundamental business process, a set of numbers or an ego. It’s taking the risk to improve. Trilogy Partners works with business leaders to grasp the emotions associated with change while addressing the business need.

Building Alliance Partnerships

To have the Trilogy vision come to life, Hal believed he needed more than theoretical MBA-types providing advisory services. He needed experienced, practical and altruistic executives to align with his vision and approach. Hal found an array of Alliance Partners who have been on the same journey as him. All Trilogy Alliance Partners share the same values and commitment to implementation excellence.