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Are Your Hiring Managers Limiting Your Firm’s Future?

by Hal Levenson on Mar 28, 2013 6:06:06 AM

If you want to build a brighter future for your business, either as a leadership legacy or as an owner, you might need to adjust your thinking about how you choose hiring managers. In this single decision, you might be limiting your firm’s future.

Some senior managers and corporate executives are of the opinion that the HR department will sift applicants for an open position and select the top three to five candidates for interviews. The hiring manager simply needs to talk to the top candidates and hire the one that seems the best fit for the department and the best qualified. For these leaders, any manager who understands what is required to do a job and understands the corporate culture can interview and make a decision.

Other leadership teams are more deliberate in choosing hiring managers for their firms. They want only their best people making these decisions. Unlike the first group, which typically leaves their best people working without interruption, leaders in the second group do not risk the future of the firm on the decision of their second- or third-tier people.

Many corporate leaders and senior managers have learned the hard way that B players tend to hire C players and C players tend to hire D players. The reason is simple: they can feel superior to them and feel confident that they are not a threat to their own jobs. One well-known business leader called the result of using B and C level people to make hiring decisions “the bozo explosion.”

You can prevent the bozo explosion in your firm by choosing your best people as hiring managers. The principle is quite simple: your “A players” are not as likely to feel threatened by new hires, and they do not need to feel superior to the new hires. As a result, A players tend to hire other A (or A+) players. The result, of course, is a brighter future for your company.

Trust your best people to make the hiring decisions. This is the first significant step you can take to ensure a brighter future for your company.

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