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In a rapidly changing and competitive industry, the CEO/owner of a growing service company worried how to increase revenue and achieve the culture that he wanted for himself and his team. His staff doubled in the past 5 years, yet there was virtually no middle management to support the growth. The executive team had limited ability since there was no management training, processes, strategy or defined core values to run the business. Also, silos existed between departments resulting in resentment and ambiguity about how individuals and departments contribute to the company’s workflow, client satisfaction and overall success.


  • Roadmap to align thinking amongst the owner and his Executive Team (ET).
  • Identify three Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and the person(s) responsible for each. One of the CSF’s, to establish core values and a healthy culture, would create a solid foundation for the other CSFs to thrive.
  • Trilogy leadership coaching for each member of the ET to elevate their skills, knowledge and confidence.
  • A job description for every position, including the CEO, to address ambiguity around job function.
  • Performance evaluations to clarify roles/expectations and to demonstrate commitment to staff development.
  • To improve dialogue and keep staff informed about company performance, Trilogy designed weekly meetings for supervisors and their teams.
  • Trilogy helps lead quarterly “all-team” meetings to encourage company-wide collaboration and understanding about how one department’s actions impact workflow through the entire organization.


  • Profits quadrupled, and cash flow increased.
  • Executive team and their managers reflect on company values to make swifter and objective decisions and are far less tolerant of behaviors that do not align with the culture.
  • Culture has dramatically improved now that the Executive Team can confidently offer realistic direction and timely, honest feedback.
  • Job descriptions and performance evaluations result in less confusion, greater accountability and allow for team members to understand possible career paths.
  • Commitment to develop middle management through weekly and quarterly meetings increased manager engagement and a willingness to take on more responsibility.
  • Weekly huddles ensure that teams are focused and thinking strategically about how their actions impact the business.
  • Quarterly “all-team” meetings promote further understanding and appreciation of individual and department contributions.
  • Collaboration has increased with individuals feeling responsible for each other’s success.
  • CEO freed from day-to-day operations to focus on developing a sales team, networking and client relationships; he is optimistic that business can double now that Trilogy has helped build a structured, accountable and professional organization.

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