All case studies are about actual clients but are not related to quotations or videos


The company was a distributor of ingredients for the cosmetic industry with many issues including owner discontent. Although the company was very successful and profitable, ownership was generally not very satisfied with the nature of the work. In addition, the company was exploring an acquisition and the process was dragging along. The owner was looking to retire and wanted to sell the company. We discovered that the root of the owner’s discontent was his lack of desire to deal with day-to-day issues and personnel. He wanted to focus on sales and product development.


We helped develop a long-term strategy to allow the owner the freedom to do what he wanted and strengthen the company at the same time. We groomed the CFO to become the COO, taking on many of the responsibilities previously managed by the owner, so that he was free to focus on sales and product development. As the owner contemplated retirement, multiple suitors approached him about the company. We helped him sift through the potential buyers and focus on what he wanted to accomplish from a sale (besides financial gain).

We played a large role in negotiations and coordinated the process from the seller’s side. Negotiations quickened on the sale and we were involved in document review and due diligence. We were also part of the company’s transition team to acclimate the company’s new management. This permitted us to create relationships with the seller’s employees which proved very valuable in the years following the acquisition.


Our actions resulted in a much stronger management team and a happier, more focused owner in the remaining years he owned the company. In the end, the owner stated that without us the sale of the company would not have happened. He maximized his value from the sale by having additional cash in his pocket of greater than a million dollars.