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The CEO/owner of an established and reputable service company was not acting as a leader; he was working “in the business, not on the business”. Leadership positions were held by long-time friends and family and the owner was not comfortable confronting issues. The company did not have an organizational chart, strategic plan, continuity plan, marketing strategy or sales force. There was no forecast or budget and the owner lacked the financial information needed to drive decision-making, control overhead and scale the business. While the company was profitable, it was not growing.


  • Develop five-year strategic plan.
  • Current and future organizational charts to clarify roles and accountability.
  • Hire a new COO and CFO to assume positions occupied by his long-time friends (gaps identified on new organizational chart).
  • Trilogy coaching for CEO and newly-hired COO and CFO to transform the business into a professionally managed enterprise to drive both the top and bottom line.
  • Systemize business processes.
  • Establish budgets and financial projections.
  • Evaluate better methods for scheduling and labor tracking to eliminate unnecessary overtime.
  • Launch an effective marketing campaign, monitor customer satisfaction with external and internal customers and hire an experienced sales person to fill sales pipeline.


  • Owner believes that Trilogy created a self-sustaining culture that strives for continual improvement, ensuring the health of the company for decades to come.
  • With improved business processes and more meaningful financial reports, the owner has a higher level of certainty resulting in the courage to make quicker and bolder decisions.
  • Profit positively impacted through the installation of a project management system to streamline the flow of work throughout the organization.
  • Formalized, enhanced operational processes and a customer satisfaction program added stability and increased the bottom line.
  • With people and processes in place, revenue grew through the efforts of a dedicated salesperson, the purchase of another firm, expansion into a new geographic region, and an increase in service offerings.
  • Bottom line increased tenfold by empowering the management team, understanding costs, eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies.
  • COO promoted to President; owner assumed the role of CEO and monitors his business with a dashboard, allowing time to pursue additional interests.

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