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Corporate Website Checklist

by Hal Levenson on May 15, 2013 7:33:50 AM

A recent Gartner survey revealed that the most important marketing asset of a business is its website. Regardless of how enamored some people are with social media platforms or mobile marketing, the website is most important for marketing success. Almost half of those surveyed registered this assessment.

The poll asked what activity is key to marketing success. Here are the top responses:

  • Design, development and maintenance of a corporate website, 45%
  • Both social media and online advertising, 43%
  • Search marketing, 26%
  • Mobile marketing, 24%
  • Email Marketing, 24%
  • Social media marketing, 6%

In light of the importance of a good website, here is a checklist of some of the elements in popular websites today

Appropriate design

Clear information architecture

Clear and logical navigation bar

Pages not over-crowded

Good use of color

Good use of images

Viewable on all types of digital devices, or multiple formats

Blog location (on the website, not somewhere else)

Clear and compatible type/fonts

Good use of video

Regular updates

Regular addition of fresh content

Clear display of all appropriate credentials and certifications

Enough about the team to support credibility and personality (help consumers develop an emotional connection)

Complete product/service information

Seamless e-commerce (if you sell from your site)

Easy access to social sharing buttons at the bottom of all content pages

User-friendly forms (no more than 7 fields)

Easy access to buttons to follow on social media

Ability to comment on content

Contact information

Live chat

Ability to schedule an appointment

Free shipping has become the norm


Index, search, categories, tags

Immediate access to customer service (phone, live chat, IM)

Effective use of new SEO techniques

Internal links between pages

Resources available to visitors

Your website should provide accessible information about your company, values, and vision. It should also explain what differentiates you in the marketplace and how you work with customers. It should help visitors identify the appropriate person to contact for various needs. It should tell people why they might choose to do business with you.

Other things can be added to your website. However, if you incorporate the items on the checklist, your visitors should be happy with what they find.

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