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How can your company get better ROI?

by Hal Levenson on Feb 24, 2012 2:51:03 PM

TrilogyWhether you are making investments in people, products or services, you want to know that it will pay off in the long run. By working through our processes, our clients gain a return on their investment. This can be through a reduction in costs, increasing the bottom line and growing the top line to create sustainable results.

Issue: How can your company get better ROI?

Solution: By working with Trilogy, our clients have substantially increased their net profit. Here are a few specific examples of clients who have achieved better ROI:

Trilogy has enabled us to reduce our direct labor costs from 39 percent to 26 percent on an approximate $10 million of revenue. We paid approximately $40,000 over 12 months and got a bottom line savings of $1.3 million. The $1.3 million will be the same or greater over many years as we grow. Our ROI in year one was 3,250 percent—over 9,750 percent over three years—and greater than $3 million directly to our bottom line.”

“With a better focus on sales, I have brought in over $600,000 more in revenue than in previous years, at a 34 percent gross profit equaling over $200,000 on an annual investment of $18,000. This will be recurring for at least the next five years and will equate over $1 million gross profit—over a 5,500 percent return.”

Maximizing ROI and creating sustainable results begins with a thorough look at your business. Ready to get started? Try our Solutions Finder on our newly-redesigned website to begin addressing your challenges.

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