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Alliance Partner

Experience: Elsinore Business Associates, Web Revival, Eastwood Company
Roles: President, Director
Education: B.A. History – The John Hopkins University

Since 1996 Jim Shulman has helped successful entrepreneurs who want to get more peace and pleasure from their businesses and their lives.  He understands that entrepreneurship is a very stressful, and often very lonely pursuit—he lives the life himself—but with the right supportive guidance, one’s business and personal life can become far more rewarding and enjoyable.

His coaching is limited to entrepreneurs, not salaried employees or large teams.  Unlike many standardized professional development programs, given to dozens (if not hundreds) of participants, Jim’s approach is strictly one-on-one, customized to an individual’s particular needs.  Engaged and committed clients see increases in gross revenue of one hundred percent in twenty-four months or less.

When Jim isn’t working with clients, you can find him taking black and white pictures with a 1938 Leica camera (yes, he develops his own film) and riding around the country in a 1957 Dodge Custom Royal sedan (when it grudgingly agrees to run.)