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Three Steps to Boost Your Leadership Skills

by Hal Levenson on Mar 06, 2013 10:42:35 AM

One of the things we have learned as we worked with companies over the years is that leadership skills need ongoing attention. The funny thing is that what most people are least aware of is what they need to work on the most. We all have trouble seeing ourselves sometimes. To help you boost your leadership skills, here are three simple steps.

Step One: Take inventory of yourself and your skills in each of the critical areas (ability to see the future, values, commitment, and influence). Specifically, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Seeing the Future – Do you have a clear vision of your company’s future? Do your employees know what you see in the future?
  • Values – What are the values you live by? Do you believe your company should follow these values? Do your employees know what these values are and how important they are to you and the company?
  • Commitment – How committed are you to the success of your business? What would you sacrifice in order to achieve that success? Would you risk everything? Do you always follow through on company projects until completion?
  • Influence – How much have you been able to influence employees and others? Have they bought into your vision 100 percent? Do they come to work with “fire in their bellies?”

After you answer these questions, ask someone you trust (including key employees) to get a second opinion.

Step Two: Determine where your skills are lacking, and see how it has affected your business. Specifically, are you happy with your answers to the questions in step one? If not, what would be the result if you do not change? What would be the result if you do change? Commit yourself to focusing on the area(s) in which you need improvement.

Step Three: Map out an improvement plan. Choose and schedule activities that will help you to practice that skill.

Commit now to making your leadership skills an area of focus this year. With steady attention and effort, you will find that you get results and realize your dreams more easily and quickly.



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